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tv   WNCN News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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night. a unc student assaulted on campus. the message police have for students and the steps the victim took to get away. police notified students through the alert system this afternoon. good evening,.
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case is 6 o'clock, amy color spokes with -- caller spoke with students that live nearby and said this area is normally safe . >>this is north street. it is not well lit. this is where the female unc student was walking when the suspect attacked her from behind. >> it made me really think and question the safety of the area. >>it was unexpected. >> reporter: it happened just after 2 friday morning on north street close to martin luther king there -- junior boulevard. police tell us the student thought back and then the suspect took off. no weapon was reported and it is unclear what he was after. >>if that were me that is what i would like to think i would do to. but you never know >> reporter: students learned of the assault through a campuswide email friday afternoon. this is the 3rd such incident in less than 3 months.
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student was sexually assaulted at the hinton james residence hall. just a week later, there was an attempted kidnapping. police say a man tried to force a woman into his car near you and sees campus. student say they are taking campus. >>we talked -- try to walk in groups .>> we make it a point to make sure we're not alone. >> reporter: police are investigating and they are urging anyone who may have seen anything or heard anything to contact the department. raleigh police say 3-year- old girl is expected to be okay after an suv rolled over her in a driveway. this was the scene at the home on top of the pines court in northeast raleigh off of low rotor on 7 o'clock picture was taken to the hospital to get checked out. please don't expect any charges to be filed. the unc phd student charged with making xanax at his home is out on -- is out of jail on bond. the 26 rolled had a pill press and ingredients which used to make close to 3000 pills.
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at unc. neighbors initially tipped off investigators. there is alarming confirmation tonight from the white house that hillary clinton's unsecured home server contained classified information. this comes just 3 days before the first boats are cast in iowa. we have the latest from des moines. >> reporter: donald trump went to new hampshire bragging about boycotting the i would debate. >>i'm getting more publicity. >>as rivals mocked him last night work >> he is the greatest show on earth. >>he staged his own show on nearby. iowa republican loves donald trump. >> i think they talked about him last night more than he -- when he is there. >> trump that many more tweets , more attention than marco rubio and ted cruz who got hammered by rivals in earlier -- and earlier lost his lead
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>>he got pummeled and they didn't even mention that he was born in canada. >>ted cruz insisted he would block amnesty for undocumented immigrants. >> reporter: i would democrats lined up in this morning to see hillary clinton -- this morning to see hillary clinton. there reminding voters that clinton used a private -- private server as secretary of state. republican saying she cannot be trusted. bernie sanders tie down with clinton says he will not make emails an issue. >> the clinton campaign is responding tonight demanding the state department released those emails. a representative claims they originated and remained on the states department unclassified system. >> investigators in california believe the 2 remaining inmates were still on the loose are not far from where they originally escape.
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of those inmates into custody today in san jose not far from the prison were he and 2 others escaped from last week. the 2 on the loose are believed to be headed toward central california where they may have associates waiting to help them. >>tonight, voters got the chance to interact with the democratic candidates running for governor. dozens of people showed up to ask questions. the north carolina primary as march 15. >>unc had women's basketball coach sylvia hatchell will not be coaching the tar heels against the wolfpack in raleigh. unc issued a one-game suspension for making contact with an official at duke last week. she will also be sidelined for the february 7 game at boston college. a suspension the ncaa handed down for a rule violation during a recruiting visit tonight, hundreds of animals rescued from a shelter are being nursed back to health and prepared for adoption.
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care of the 10 veterans on-site at a temporary shelter. those with respiratory illnesses are receiving antibiotics while the others in critical condition and out of a clinic off-site. aspca says it is working hard to get them back to full health so not have to be put down. >>quality-of-life is what is most important. at this time, it is hard to say. will take every step that we possibly can to make those animals as healthy as we possibly can. we will get them treated and adopted. >>it could be week before the animals are made available for adoption. the property owner now face multiple counts of animal cruelty. a clear friday in a beautiful weekend in store. the meteorologist is here with a look at our mild temperatures. >>before it gets mild it will get very cold tonight. it is 37 degrees right now. as we check out the temperatures, 34 roxborough. 37 raleigh. 33 wilson. 36 rocky mount. is chilly out there. big picture, very quiet. as a
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basically right over us. that will keep the winds light but allow the coldest air to settle to the ground. those will range -- lows will range to about 27 in raleigh overnight. the coastal plains are in the upper 20s along the virginia border counties about 20 degrees. it will be nice and sunny tomorrow. it is cold around 9 am after you sleep in a little bit. it will be 35 degrees. bright and dry at noon. here is your map. it is pretty blank. we will see brilliant sunshine throughout the day. mainly sunny late in the day. by 6 pm there will be a couple of high thin clouds. that is that it will be gorgeous with a high 57 degrees. tomorrow -- that's tomorrow. it will be been -- be even warm as we head toward sunday. a corrections officer is behind bars accused of having sex with inmates.
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woman's prison in raleigh. back in august, for inmates claim they had sex -- 4 inmates claim they had sex with a corrections officer. we went to his home no one answered the door but we spoke to a neighbor. >>it is very set -- shocking . after seeing shows like oranges the new black it happens on their.>> he denies the allegations and is being held in $450,000 bond pick today the state supremes court is siding with [ indiscernible- name ]. w nc and investigates jonathan rodriguez has more and what this means. >>i'm not happy with the commission and we are probably going to have to do a constitutional challenge to the commission.>> reporter: that is about the what the governor did in 2014 after lawmakers created this group here its role is to oversee coal ash cleanup
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independently from state environmental regulators. the governor filed a lawsuit against state leaders over who should maintain power over the commission. ncc political expert says it is unique.>> governor macquarie and people in the senate phil berger are 2 heavyweights in state politics of the same political party going up against each other. >>the commission has 9 members . >>the dispute is really over who can appoint people to those commissions.>> macquarrie argued that people making the law shouldn't have the majority vote in choosing a commission carries out the law. speck there are so many commissions being formed with total independence. if they start doing bad jobs, there is no one in control. >> the state supreme court agreed saying the general assembly exerted too much control and prevented the governor from doing his constitutional duty pick >> he has a constitutional duty to make sure the law is faithfully executed. the majority of those commissioner should be
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rather than the general assembly . wncn has covered the coal ash situation in our state every step of the way. you can find our report on >>meanwhile, charlotte was a place to be today. >>thousands of panthers fans sending the team off in style. have a closer look at cam newtons influence on local athletes.
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from the president. a huge sendoff for the super bowl bound patterns to -- panthers today and charlotte. >> michael highland has more on the celebration in the impact the panthers success is having here in the triangle. >> just as quickly as all this panthers gear is making its way to dick's portents good -- sporting is good it out the door again. there getting 15 at 20 cases of panthers gear every day. is nonstop but traffic in the stores and sunday when the panthers won the championship. today, thousands of fans got together to cheer on the panthers as they head west. >>tran18>> the significant isn't lost on anyone of the thousands of people at this rally.>> for the 2nd time in the history of our franchise, the carolina panthers have come
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victory. now, to make it happen. >>we know what time it is next sunday. we will come out here and finish the drill. cmac fans filled the park and charlotte.-- fans filled the park and charlotte. this is just days away from watching the panthers take on the broncos for the super bowl. at home bars have been getting more packed as the weeks go on.>> we are here. >> reporter: stores have stocked and then restocked panthers gear as a try to keep up with demand. >>the players and you the fans. thank you. >> reporter: it will be the panthers -- first appearance in years. this time, they say it will turn out differently. >>we told you we will continue to work hard, keep pounding and get back to this point here now we are here and we have unfinished business. >>the panthers are heading west on sunday and the automaker say they are the only
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they will likely have to replace all of this conference championship gear with super bowl championship gear. >> again, the panthers leave on sunday in san francisco. -- security will be tight and . emergency officials will be ready for anything along the bay. there is also an emergency command center housing authority. super bowl l will present quite a contrast when it comes to the competing scored back. peyton manning is all business while cam newton likes to have fun. >> it is that fun that bothers some fans. todd gibson talk to some high school coaches and got there you on how cam -- view on how can place a game expect cam newton makes no apologies for how he plays the game of football. cmac here i am and doing exactly what i want to do, how i want to do it and when i look in the mirror it is meet.>> reporter: he says he is just having fun. others feel he is showing up
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seems to be divided. >> you have everybody doing it so are we picking on him. >> reporter: this football courts -- coach admits he is old-school. when it comes to newton he seems to have a soft spot. >> in the nfl it is allowed. he is playing within the rules and having fun and generating a lot of excitement. i have no problem with what he is doing.>> yet some coaches >> if i was a coach i would might -- might take offense to it. his view on how newton plays is a bit more hardline. speck it does go back to being old-school a little bit but the game has changed, the league has changed but there is no doubt he is entertaining.>> that into taming can -- entertainment can seep down to the high school ranks.>> i think they know they would be in pretty big trouble if they did some of that.
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stresses that excessive celebration cannot take place. he says he admires newtons enthusiasm but that won't fly at the pro level. >>i think it is teaching kids characters. i don't think we need a bunch of dancing. >> unlike the high schoolers, newton is free to have his fun. he knows the critics are out there but they are not about to slow down. >>people are going to judge and have their own opinion on certain things that i don't have control over. >>maybe someday he will tone it down but you can bet there is a young player waiting in the wings to do his thing.>> he is fun to watch. all 3 of the coaches say high school rules should not be loosened to allow players to be more demonstrative. our coverage of the panthers continue a just scroll over the sports tab on our homepage a and scroll down to panthers.
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we want to remind you about wncn new affiliation with cbs. it takes effect on february 29. wncn will be your new home for hit shows like the big bang theory, ntis and also march madness. much more on now, the wncn weather forecast. >> you always forget survivor. i tried out once for survivor but they were not interested. survivor will be on our station to. shaw university, what a beautiful afternoon. we had the sunshine. watch the sun go down out of the corner. it is a beautiful night and progress across central north carolina. it is just very nice, but you know what? it is kind of cold. how much sunshine will we see tomorrow on your saturday? 8. i will say that is great. it is a lot. we will see sunny to mostly sunny skies. radars are quiet. what we have the cold temperatures. the blues have overtaken the map and the darker blues representing the mid to low 30s.
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this was after a high of 60. in raleigh 37 after a high of 54. things are definitely getting a little chillier. wilson is argie down a 33 and it is freezing already up and south hill virginia. here are some of the temperatures going across the nighttime hours. everyone will slip in the 20s by tomorrow morning. we will see lows -- let's show you. this is going to be around 27 degrees. this is occurring at 6 pm as soon as a some conduct -- sun comes up around 7 o'clock in the morning. we will get up to 30 to 8 o'clock. 41 10 o'clock. 48 . 55 at 2 and 4. and between we will get a little warmer than that. after the sun goes down at 5:40 we will see 48 degrees. mostly sunny in raleigh tomorrow. 57 durham. 56 fayetteville. it will be a nice day. beaches for your weekend? not too late to make a plan.
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sunny with mostly sunny skies. overnight lows are a little chilly. as we head toward the mound this weekend as you head -- get ready to do some skiing, 49 on saturday after a low of 27 tomorrow morning and then 57 on sunday. no chance of precipitation. that is quite a big change from last week and. high-pressure is over us. we get on the backside of that high so we will start to warm things up a little bit. then on sunday, nick 60s for highs with sunny skies -- made a 60s for highs with sunny skies. there is a little front i am watching. is mostly clear. then on monday, we have little moisture . so far, i have this front flirting with us monday night into tuesday morning. it is not really having much of a chance of precipitation but it could knock a couple of degrees off of our high on tuesday. the secondary low will come
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wednesday is our next weather maker with showers lightly. -- likely. will see that in the 7 day. 57 in sanford. 57 in done. south with his 5 to 10. today's winds out of the west northwest. raleigh 57. carry 57. 56 henderson and about 56 and roxborough. your weekend, 57 degrees, 27 hello. it will still be 29 at 8 o'clock, 49 at noon, 52 with mainly sunny skies at 5 pm, and sunday is just amazing, 66 degrees. the last of that sleep will get in -- sleet will get melted away. sunday will be carwash day. get the cars clean -- cleaned. monday 66 degrees. tuesday it may be a little bit cooler but it is still a warm
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the groundhog around new time -- noontime , it might be a little shadowy which means 6 more weeks of winter. wednesday 65 degrees. there's your showers that are likely and then the front comes through late in the day. we will see chillier air on thursday 50 and friday 47 degrees. so, it will be warm. >>we have couple more days to help the call -- calls for [ indiscernible ]. also tomorrow we will get it with that high 57.>> you guys have been talking about that cause and how they help people out. >> we have more on how they help one family at a time when they needed it the most. smack he lived to be 107 years old. tough to sum up more than a century in a few seconds but dale anderson shared some great stories with us while remembering her dad sammy anderson.
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baltimore then moved to germ to be close to his family -- from -- durham to be close to his family. >> in 2015 is when his health plummet -- plummeted . >>he had another birthday and a new great-grandchild you wanted to meet pick >> on october 2 broke carla anderson was born and dad got to embrace her and see her and chose to on october 14 to go to heaven. i believe he went in with a big smile. >>in addition to helping sammy and the entire family deal with the end of a great life, the folks at duke hospice was also able to get sammy anderson another honor. >>we honor your service. we recognize that you would have
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country if that were necessary. >>such a nice way to look at it. we will we have -- we have much more information on duke hospice on our website. does he says it is all a misunderstanding. the lawsuit facing the animal
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snake bit a child . the cdc says a virus may lead to serious birth defects
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>>it is spread through mosquitoes and affecting people in south and central america. so far there's been a dozen cases in the us. it may be a problem for pregnant women. it may cause a birth defect that leads to small heads in infants. today we spoke to an expert about the virus. >>it is really only spread through mosquito bites. it is not something that i'm going to be contagious to you or vice versa. it is not something that in the middle of north carolina winter that we don't see mosquitoes that we are likely to have issues with your doctor say 80 percent of people who get the virus have no symptoms. a spoke taking drastic actions by announcing the been a gun sales on the media site. facebook has become from for private dealers to perform background checks. president obama and gun safety groups pressured the stop host
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>>and alabama family is suing disney's animal kingdom after a snake fell from a treat and bit a young boy. his grandmother actually went into cardiac arrest and died cmac disney says the allegations mischaracterize what happened. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's one pill, once a day for 12 weeks. certain patients... can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. with harvoni, there's no interferon and there are no complex regimens. tell your doctor if you have other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions, and about all the medicines
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taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist
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it was freezing . stay home don't go anywhere. >>right, i was wondering if i was going to make it home. >>i worked last friday night. when i got home -- i made it all the way to durham when i was turning into my neighborhood my car got stuck. i had to abandon ship. >>but you made it home okay? >> yes i got home okay. this weekend we don't have to worry about that.>> clean salt on sunday with carwash day. 57 degrees in the afternoon after a cold start. 66 on sunday and monday. clouds and sun on tuesday. if the old groundhog sees his shadow 6 more weeks of winter. once again, if it is winter like this and not last weekend we will take it. wednesdays just the rain event and then chillier but try thursday and friday. smack what a wonderful weekend with all of that sunshine.
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